Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Blue's Clues" Birthday party a success!!

DS turns two on Tuesday! I can not believe that my little baby boy is growing up so fast!
We had a birthday party with some friends and family today to celebrate. There was one infant, 5 toddlers, a preschooler and a first grader in my house, plus all the parents and my Mom and aunt. It was sheer chaos! I'm kind of glad that my friend didn't bring her son (second grader) with her twin toddlers, and that one family (another second grader and a toddler) didn't show at all, not to mention the adults that didn't make it...
DS is completely obsessed with Blue's Clues, and has the video "Blue's Birthday" which has been a favorite of late, so I decided to theme his party to match. There was a borrowed Blue's Clues birthday banner, lots of blue balloons, blue and white streamers, DS even had blue hair!
And the *ahem* icing on the cake?
I made his cake just like the one in the video - a round cake and four cupcakes arranged into a paw print, iced blue. Extra cupcakes were all iced blue and topped with sprinkles, also as in the video. The cake was a boxed chocolate cake mix, and the icing was pre-made vanilla whipped icing that I added blue food colouring to. I simply did not have time to make my chocolate mayonnaise cake or homemade icing this year.

Here's the cake:
Here's a couple party guests showing off their blue icing faces:

And DS digging into his cupcake with sprinkles and rocking his blue spiked hair:

All in all, the party went well, but I am glad it's over - the noise of 7 children is a little insane!

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