Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sensitive Skin Baby Wipe Solution

As a cloth diapering mama, I tend not to want to dump all kinds of unnecessary stuff in our landfills. And I'm really cheap.
Thanks to my good friend, I started making my own baby wipes for my son's sensitive bottom.
The recipe I use is a couple tweaks on old standbys and works well for him...

1 1/4 cup boiled water
1 chamomile tea bag
baby oil
Sensitive skin baby wash (or whatever you usually use)

Steep the tea bag in the water, but do not squeeze excess water out of tea bag when removing. Pour into screw-top container. Add a couple drops of baby oil and a squirt of baby wash (less than a tsp). Shake well to mix.


Depending on what your personal preference, this solution can be used different ways.
For those eco-friendly amongst us, you can use baby washcloths and pour or spritz this on them.
If you are slightly less concerned about a small piece of disposable debris that will decompose fairly quickly, there's paper towels. Your best bet are Bounty paper towels, as they really do hold up better when put to work than any other ones I've tried. Cut the entire roll in half while still on the roll (it will be about the height of a value-size can of powdered infant formula) Place the half-roll into said formula can (or other storage container of similar size) and pour warm mixture down the center of the tube. Put the lid on and let it sit for a bit, then reopen and pull the tube out (it will be wet and pliable) and the first (innermost) paper towel (the one with the glue) After a couple hours, when the liquid is all absorbed, they are ready to use; just take them from the center as needed. *This recipe covers 1/2 roll, double for a full roll* If you're using paper towels, feel free to decorate the can so it looks less like your feeding the baby from the wrong end. I'll be fancying mine up shortly, wanted to get the recipe right first...


The soap does the majority of the cleaning, the oil makes it glide easily across the baby's skin, holds the moisture in the towel, and moisturizes baby's tender skin, and the chamomile has mildly antiseptic properties, as well as adding a nice aroma without perfumes.

*******Original recipe called for 2 cups water and no tea**********

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