Thursday, July 14, 2011

Benefit Auction in Memory of Scarlette Adora

Scarlette Adora Van Salzer
12/20/2010 - 06/06/2011

Sadly, a friend from IAM lost her 5 month old daughter unexpectedly. The wonderful women over at Modified Momma Creations set up a page in memory of this little angel taken too soon.
Tomorrow, the bidding begins on an auction to help raise funds for the family in this trying time. I would like to urge you all to take a look at the auction and bid on some items. There's even a chance that you might walk away with one of my creations or a custom 2-skein starghan! Lots of other people have donated items as well, so you can expect to see stuff from MMC, Crafty Concoction, Eklektisch, Bumbledoo, Akaydia's Bowtique, Gorilla Glass and more!

Auction will begin July 15 at 12pm CST and will be closed July 18 at 12pm CST.

They are also accepting direct donations to the family. Personal (NOT BUSINESS) donations can be sent to scarletteadora at hotmail dot com

Much thanks to Hurley for setting this all up!

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