Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dinosaur Hat!

A couple years ago, I made DS a balaclava. It was red, and tied in the front, and had a mohawk, and was awesome. He loved it. So did lots of other people.
Anyways, I made the pattern available for free, but I'm really super glad that I wrote everything down, because it has come in handy again.
After two winters, and many washes, the mohawk portion of his old hat went from being a fluffy adorable mess to a matted nasty dead animal on top of his head. Not cool.

So, I decided to make him a new one!
I asked him which colours he wanted, as well as how he wanted it decorated. Not a mohawk this time, but a dinosaur.
I set to work with some blue yarn, and an idea. I worked the balaclava first, then crocheted 8 triangles & sewed them together, turned them inside out, stuffed them, and attached them along the top center. Two semi-domes, stuffed & attached, and lastly, two random trapezoid shapes attached for eyelids.
He loves it :)

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