Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Twirling Pinwheels: Take Two

Back a while ago, I saw an absolutely beautiful afghan created for a baby. The pattern was called "Tirling Pinwheels."
From that point on, I was on a mission to find this beautiful pattern and attempt it, regardless of warnings that I may lose my mind in the effort.

Eventually, I did find that pattern, and made my own beautiful afghan, which I promptly gifted to friends that were expecting a baby girl. They loved it, and really appreciated all the work that went into the making of such a gift.
My biggest regret? Making it with variegated yarn. Although the blanket was quite lovely, the swirly pattern was lost in the confusion of colour.

I have wanted an excuse to revisit that pattern ever since. When my teacher informed our class that she was nearly five months pregnant, I knew this was my chance. One of my classmates is a fellow crafter, so we went yarn shopping: she wanted to make a sweater and I wanted to attempt that blanket again!
Although the original pattern called for a worsted weight yarn that would create 52 individual hexagon motifs that then must be sewn together to create the whole, I opted for a much bulkier yarn and made a meager 22 motifs, to create it on a larger scale.
In my first attempt, I trimmed the entire blanket it reverse hdc; this time I created a dc/ch ladder work trim, which I wove a teal double-faced satin ribbon with a metalic strip up the middle and a opaque teal on the other half, then tied little bows in the corners. I just finished stitching those down so they don't come untied in the wash tonight, took some pictures, packaged it up, and will be handing it to her tomorrow on our last class before she leaves on a year's maternity leave.

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