Monday, March 15, 2010

Pretty, pretty princess

A friend from school has a beautiful little girl that is just a few weeks older than my son. Her birthday was this weekend, and we were going to the party (I brought the only boy to the princess's tea party :) )
I left it until the last minute to get together her gift, because I was stuck.
Then, a flash of remembrance; I bought rolls of ribbon tulle to make tutus out of, and never actually did it...
So, DS & I sat down with rolls upon rolls of tulle, a piece of elastic and a pair of scissors and threw together a standard no-tie tutu for the birthday princess.

Gotta love how 2 year olds "help" by taking your colour-sorted piles of tulle, spreading them all over the living room and attempting to throw them in the garbage...

Regardless, it took me all of half an hour to throw this together, and the birthday girl LOVED it!
She opened presents as soon as she found them, and when she found ours, she wanted her ballerina slippers on, her princess hair stuff opened, and to wear her "pretty princess skirt"
I think the amount of success in a handmade gift for a child is directly measured in their willingness to part with it, and she does not seem at all willing lol

Enough chatter, on to the pictures!

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