Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craftster Swap!!!

So, it's been a dog's age since I joined a swap on Craftster, but when I saw the Super Simple Apron Swap come up, I couldn't say no!
I keep saying I'm going to sit down and make myself an apron, but I'm always far too lazy... I even have a pattern that I never bothered to pull out and actually put to use.
Partners were assigned a while ago, and I was assigned the wonderful maiziemama with a list of interests, etc, and went fabric shopping that week. However, due to exams and crazy life, I didn't get to start sewing until this weekend after DS went to bed.
I pulled out my pattern and looked at her details, then set to work modifying the Simplicity pattern to be more like the Emmeline Apron, which I really couldn't afford, nor wait for the pattern to be shipped. It's not even close, really, but I hope she likes it anyways.
After the trials and tribulations of my Singer school model machine not wanting to work right, and the timing on my Brother machine being off, my dear loving bf decided to go get his old Pfaff so he wouldn't have to listen to me cuss like a sailor every 30 seconds or so. I finished sewing and all the details this evening (AKA around 12:30AM) and took a few pics to post later.
For now, I'll post a fabric teaser, and hope to ship soon :)

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