Monday, October 11, 2010

Onesie Swap!

Have I mentioned that I'm super excited about the onesie swap on Craftster??

Well, I totally am! I got two really awesome, amazing partners, and I have been doing my best to ensure that my workmanship is the best it can be for their little boys, and in hopes that it might come close to their own work.

It took me a while to find unprinted, unpatterned shirts to use for this swap, but once I did, I got to work!
Because of having my own little one running about, and the time I spend at school every day prepping for finals (3 weeks to go, baby!) I have been mostly limited to weekend work. BUT, my amazing, wonderful boyfriend has helped me out with some little fiddly bits (like hand-sewing velcro, or cutting shapes out in ridiculous amounts for me to applique to said shirts).
I had a couple set backs in the work, but all in all, I am very happy with how everything is turning out. DS loves the work I'm doing and keeps telling me "MINE shirt!" and trying to put them on himself. Silly boy - one set is too small for him, and the other is too big. But, I have a feeling I will be duplicating some of these in the near future for him.

As of tonight, I have one partner's package entirely complete. That's 5 shirts, appliqued, printed, stencilled, etc. I have to heat set a few of them (fabric paint and textile paint), but that can be done at the end.
My other partner's package is nearly complete. BF is hand stitching something together on one shirt, but it is otherwise complete, and I have 3 others entirely finished. The last one is a little more complex, as I have to figure out how to make it from scratch. I didn't buy a tshirt for this one, since it would be 10x more work to modify it into what I want than to make it from scratch anyways. I suppose that is a job for next weekend, along with DS's halloween costume.

Then, off to the post office to send them out, and hope that they are loved by the little boys who will wear them! :)

I also heard that one of my partners has already sent her package to me, so I better really get my butt in gear!

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