Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slippers Are Done!

I posted yesterday about a pair of slippers I was making. Well, I was up to my arch in the first of this toe-up pattern. I didn't realize that it was almost done. I whipped through that one, then started the other a couple hours after.
Today, while waiting to pick up DS from a visit with his grandma, I finished it off, and now have two fully functional slippers ready to be given away! I have pictures of them on my feet, and they look good, but the heels are really loose on me (which is perfect, since hers aren't normal shape or size anymore) I added a couple sc's between the fpdc's and a couple extra rows after the arch to allow more room. Before the arch, I had to add two rows to take this pattern from a 8 to a 10.
Now I just have to decide if I should embellish them some way, or gift them as is? Any suggestions on ways to make these plain slippers a little prettier?

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