Saturday, May 28, 2011

More slippers?

Another WIP :)
A few of my close family friends are diabetic. One of them has requested a pair of slippers to help keep her feet warm when she's sitting at home. She has had multiple surgeries on her feet due to infections & poor circulation, and can't get out much anymore because her calcaneus has been debrided to the point that her calcaneal tendon no longer has an attachment site (this means that her calf muscles don't work because her heel bone is all but gone).
With the loss of the bulk of her calcaneus, the shape of her foot has also changed drastically. I am starting with this pattern for unisex slippers, then altering the heel slightly to allow more room for the scar tissue that has formed. Her feet are the same size as mine, so these are fitted on me for now.
Here's the first one up to where I have to start the heel:
(Please excuse my messy floors & callused heel)
I have left the top a little shorter to make it easier to take on and off for her.
Oh, and they aren't quite as neon red as they look, but just a nice primary red.

If these work for her, I have a feeling I am going to have to make a set of cappies in the same style for her brother (my stepfather) since he lost both of his legs due to complications with diabetes this past January.
If you know where I can find a good cappy pattern, please share! Sewn or crocheted will work :)

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