Saturday, June 18, 2011

DIY Sewing Machine Repair

I have a 'de Signer' school edition 101. I know now that when my Mom & I bought it, we got scammed. 
Nonetheless, I am stuck with it. The Omega that was given to me as a Christmas gift is even more useless. I have spent over $150 in repairs on that one.

The 'de Signer' was one of those one-day only scams. It's SUPPOSED to be a Singer school model  Roll Eyes

I am trying to repair it myself since there is no way to actually return it on the supposed 25 year warranty. 

OK, so, It sews fine if I turn the hand wheel manually but I can't operate it with the pedal. I have opened it up, and the motor, drive belt, and everything look to be in great shape. I can get the motor to turn the belt and I can get the belt to turn the hand wheel. If I remove the hand wheel, I can get the part it attaches to to move the drive shaft & in turn sew.
When sewing, everything else works fine. But to get the machine to operate via the pedal, I have to crank the hand wheel forwards while turning the stop motion wheel backwards. It makes a couple stitches, then starts making a "whirring" noise and won't go any further. 
Do I need to try to find a new hand wheel? Or is there something I'm missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I currently have 2 useless machines and quite a few projects to complete.

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