Monday, June 6, 2011

In Progress #3

I have been dutifully sewing away, and trudging through it all. My machines have been less than cooperative in the past, but with the help of Google search, I am becoming an expert sewing machine repair person (only the one - the other is a "Singer" that isn't a Singer, so I can't find any info on it - don't ask)
I have the tiers that are complete pinned up and stacked beside my stacks of squares to be sewn. God, they fray a lot! 
I really hope BFF's car gets better soon, so we can tag-team this beast! If nothing else, I need to borrow her serger, but it would be ideal if she could serge the edges while I ruffle each tier. Then I can stitch them together, and she can serge those edges. Then, maybe focus on the hem from hell (I thought the Whirl Away Dress was bad!)
I'm taking a break from the tedium of sewing to do some dishes and take out the trash...EXCITING!

Rainbow Patchwork Skirt

Using 4"x4" squares, construct a 10-tier skirt with 1.5x increases, using the following colour scheme:

             Colour                      # Squares           Width of Row (appx)         Progress
  • White                           13 squares             50"                                    cut, sewn together
  • White                           20 squares             75"                                    cut, sewn together
  • Orange                         30 squares             113"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Yellow                         45 squares              170"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Green                           68 squares             255"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Teal                              102 squares           383"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Blue                              153 squares           575"                                  cut, 
  • Purple                           230 squares          863"                                   cut
  • Red                              345 squares           1295"                                cut
  • Pink                             690 squares           2590"                                 cut
Some favorites:
From the greens
 Also from the greens. Yes, I know it's Christmas fabric, but it's still pretty!
From the teals
Also from the teals - this isn't actually as royal blue as it looks, but more a deep aquamarine.

*Total sewing time: ~2 hrs*
**Total time invested: ~16 hrs**
I have finished my housework. Dishes done, garbage taken out, laundry sorted, I even managed to get a shower in there! So, since DS went for a picnic at the park with his father, I decided to do some more sewing!
It took me 2.5 hrs to get through the next tier (blue)!!!
I plan on doing more tonight, but now my labour total is 18.5 hrs and I'm still not done sewing the patches together!
This is really the only one from the blues. I wasn't really over-fond of the patterns that I had, but they work...

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