Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Progress #4

Only two more to go!
BFF is experiencing car troubles, so couldn't make it today. Will have to either pick up her serger or go visit & get some serging done. Sooner, rather than later, by the looks of it.
It's now taking me 2.5 hours to sew together a tier - the blue & the purple both took about that long.
I think I will tackle the last tier next. Not because I love pink (which I do!), but just to get that one out of the way. I was thinking of tackling the hem, but I can't do that until I serge it all...
Also, I'm pretty sure my machine came with a gathering foot...I might give that a try, instead of hand-gathering each tier. I wish I had a ruffler foot :(

Rainbow Patchwork Skirt

Using 4"x4" squares, construct a 10-tier skirt with 1.5x increases, using the following colour scheme:

             Colour                      # Squares           Width of Row (appx)         Progress
  • White                           13 squares             50"                                    cut, sewn together
  • White                           20 squares             75"                                    cut, sewn together
  • Orange                         30 squares             113"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Yellow                         45 squares              170"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Green                           68 squares             255"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Teal                              102 squares           383"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Blue                              153 squares           575"                                  cut, sewn together
  • Purple                           230 squares          863"                                   cut, sewn together
  • Red                              345 squares           1295"                                cut
  • Pink                             690 squares           2590"                                 cut
*Total sewing time: ~2.5 hrs* (plus 2.5 previously mentioned)
**Total time invested: ~21 hrs**

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