Thursday, June 9, 2011

Not About the Rainbow Patchwork Skirt of Doom

I haven't worked on my skirt in a couple days. Oh well.
DS & I had "super-special craft time" day the other day. It was fun! I love getting creative with my boy! I try not to direct him too much in what he does, but sometimes he doesn't get too far.
First, we sat down to start his Father's Day gift for his Dad. I'll post that when it's done, but it is mostly being done by me. I am letting him help with the steps that he can, and doing the parts that are unsafe (ie sharp objects)
Then, I broke out the plasticine that I purchased for him. We sat and created. I made a tiny little rose on a pin head, he molded all of the colours together and made a lump for Daddy. :)

Here's our works of art:

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