Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So, that vintage Viking was such a find! I am eternally grateful to BFF for telling me about it.

I just popped on to post pics of my test piece that I threw together. I started a new job today, and wore it to work.
DS took this pic of mommy on her first day
Happy face :)
Neck-line & tie front detail
Close-up of fabric
Shirring detail over shoulder
Morning coffee! :D
The dress was basically just two rectangles that I shirred, pinned, gathered, stitched, re-stitched, re-pinned, stitched some more....
It was made entirely without a pattern, just a vague idea in mind of what I wanted. I started with a little over 2m of this stuff that was gifted to me (there are small pieces of this in my rainbow patchwork skirt, as well). It is a nice cotton - a little higher thread count than quilter's cotton, & softer, but still light & a little flowy.
I put 3 rows of machine-shirring at the top of the skirt, and 1 row on the back half of the top.
The top is a cross-over with ties made of the same fabric. Deep V-neck. I guessed with the armholes & made them too small, so I guessed again & made them too big. Some shirring on the top of the shoulder helped fix that one up!
There are pockets as well, with big cream/beige/brown buttons & loops made from the same fabric.
I used the selvage of the fabric for the bottom, so no hemming!

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. I now have one sundress that is work-appropriate :)
I also got some compliments :)
BFF asked where I got it, as did my Mom. Step-Dad knew I made it.
Here's his thumb's up:

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